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Giahsa’s freephone telephone service is now available 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year
Thanks to the new call center, which will also be available in Valverde, Aljaraque y Gibraleón after July 1, it is possible to carry out procedures, notify the company about failures to the service, and receive information regarding the specific location of containers
Giahsa, Jul 8, 2008

From today, Giahsa’s consumers can enjoy a new, free of charge, consumer care service available 24/7, thanks to the technological structure and human resources that make it possible to respond to queries immediately and to carry out certain procedures without having to go to the offices of the management company (Huelva Coastal Water Association). The aim is to bring the easy-to-use service closer to citizens, at no extra cost to them, and to make it permanently available through a high-quality system.

The new service guarantees that 95% of incoming calls will be dealt with and that 90% of these will be handled in less than 20 seconds. It also boasts a greater data transmission capacity in order to provide information and clear up any doubts the consumers may have at any time. It will be available to the more than 200,000 people who will receive Giahsa’s service this summer, after the incorporation of the municipalities of Gibraleón, Valverde and Aljaraque and the 25 towns in the Sierra. After January 1, 2009, the inhabitants of the municipalities included in the County Association will also begin to enjoy these services.

This provincial company, dedicated to the comprehensive water cycle and solid urban waste, is updating and improving each of its services, as can be seen by the 900 200 176 freephone consumer care line. Thanks to one of the new improvements, consumers can now use almost any credit or debit card to carry out procedures, which simplifies and facilitates processes and means it is no longer necessary to go to the offices in person. What’s more, the people in charge of Consumer Care at Giahsa will have real-time access to the operations that are being carried out and to the actions taken by the operators attending the public.

Giahsa guarantees that its new call center will constantly and progressively improve the computer support used and also offers a back-up telephone line to provide service to consumers in the event the network becomes overloaded, so that consumers can contact an operator even when there are difficulties connecting to the telephone network. With the greater system capacity and bandwidth, consumer care operators can now carry out several procedures at the same time, for example, an operator will be able to change the details for payment by direct debit at the same time as they are providing information about the exact location of a specific container in a town using a geographic information device incorporated into the system. In the words of Pablo Ellis, deputy director of Giahsa’s Computer Services, “the aim is to offer clients a modern, advanced service without surrendering our vocation to satisfy the public and meet consumer needs”.

At the end of the year, the public company Giahsa, which belongs to the Coastal Water Association, will operate province-wide and all its services related to the comprehensive water cycle and waste collection will be made available to the inhabitants of the municipalities that join up, and this, according to Miguel Novoa, president of the Coastal Water Association, “will make it possible to modernize to an even greater extent without affecting the costs, the quality of service or the price paid by consumers”.

After this date, the improvement and extension of services, such as that of the new call center up and running from today, will also be made available to the consumers living in municipalities that opt to join the province-wide service company.

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